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November 3rd John Glenday

Tuesday November 3rd
I reread some of John Glenday's poems from Grain on Monday and again this evening.

Two of my favourites from the book are: Mangurstadh (p.30), and Imagine You are Driving. (p.4)
reading the opening lines* of Imagine You are Driving, and a recent poem from my friend led me to start a new draft of a poem loosely draws on ideas with both poems… well at least ideas which came to me as a reader.

I love the use of the negative at the beginning [nowhere, no one, absence], and end of the poem [no one, neither], bookending hope:
'so you drive on, hopeful of a time //
when the ocean will rise up before you like dusk
and you will make landfall at last - '

*Imagine You are Driving

Imagine you are driving
nowhere, with no one beside you;
with the empty road unravelling and ravelling
in sympathy as the wheel turns in your hands.