Sculpture of Nine Verses

Sculpture of Nine Verses
                        (Inspired by Saloua Raouda Choucair) 

I’m drawn
            by interlocking pieces

grace between each line
how space alters          every note
            how                 each     limb

striking alone
                        is softened in shadow
when lying down together 

                  I listen             cannot recall voice until
through silence
                          you return

the rise and fall of your imperatives
come here
                                                     listen you

            we are in umbra now
gaps between               take shape
                       open                and close

rearrange                     alter
                        features align
like verses –

                                    we elide –
hairline throat              
nose                 our mouth        clavicle 

nape                 the cages of our hearts
the pit of us                
                                    our bald scars