a brief summary and photo memory of the launch of Issue 3, Falkner Square, April 7th 2018

The launch of Issue 3 at our new venue on Falkner Square was a beautiful event introduced by Michael Allen who shared something of the history of the flat with its literary heritage. Carole Bromley, Pam Thompson, Michael Ferry, Rachael Smart, Mandy Macdonald, Peter Daniels, and Sandra Burnett read some of their work, and Michael and I read poems from those who couldn't make the launch*. It was wonderful to have poets featured in the journal from as far away as India and Mexico, and, as always, great to have work from well established poets (Colette Bryce and Matthew Sweeney in this issue), alongside writers just beginning to publish poetry (for instance Serena Trowbridge, who, in addition to writing fascinating art history, is creating vivid moving poems)

*Martin Malone, Ama Bolton, Shriram Sivaramakrishan, Matthew Sweeney, Maurice Devitt, Emma McKervey, Jack Little, Ciarán Parkes, Kathleen Jones,  Jean O'Brien, Jane Lovell, and Serena Trowbridge. 

Some limited edition hand-stitched copies of Issue 3 are available for £9.  Please email for details 

Many thanks to Ron Davies for helping us to document the event.

Rachael Smart
Sandra Burnett
Mandy Macdonald
Michael Farry
launch of Issue 3, Falkner Square
outside looking in
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