A selection of Stitch Translations from Poetry in Aldeburgh exhibition

Background to Coast to Coast to Coast: map, line, and stitch


In response to my prompt, on or as close as possible to 31 August 2018, at 8pm, poets drafted a poem at their chosen coast; each draft was given location, date and time as a title, and poets sent a few lines to me representing the essence of their writing. 

 One line of text was selected from each poet to create a litany of the coast around the UK and Ireland and beyond. For my residency as Artist in Residence at Poetry in Aldeburgh, the litany resulted in a concertina journal of 96 lines tracing the coasts of the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

 Each line of the litany was also translated into abstract works resulting in 48 stitched pieces for display.

The artworks were depicted in the order of the litany: the journey around the coast starts at the Pier Head in Liverpool, tours the coast of Northern Ireland, travels around Ireland including Galway, Kerry, Cork, and Wicklow before travelling to Wales, Somerset, Cornwall, along the south coast, west to east, and up the east coast to Whitby, and beyond to Scotland, east to west from Aberdeen to Loch Fyne, over to the Isle of Arran before returning to Southport and Crosby in Merseyside.

It was a pleasure to include four poets located outside of the UK (South of France, Geneva, Turkey, and California), at the time of writing

The slides show a selection of the 48 art works