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All of the Spaces

All of the Spaces


“This intensely lyrical sequence of poems shapes sculpture into words – vivid, accessible, compelling, but most of all, humane. Sculpture of Nine Verses, for instance, derives from a piece of abstract art, but through its finely controlled language transforms itself into a wonderful interconnected lyric of love, possession and survival.

This is the sort of poetry that gives poetry a good name.”

John Glenday

“Space and the artistic process are interrogated in this startling and graceful collection. Childhood, relationship tensions, artistic creativity and silence are key motifs in twenty-one poems which take much of their inspiration from art. Each piece is sculpted using experimental white space – line breaks, pauses, word patterns – techniques that lend the work all the visual features of an art installation… All of The Spaces is a rigorous and tender exploration of space in the domestic relationship and the arts. It employs concrete form and the lyrical with tight control, and great beauty.”

Ray Smart


Reader reviews:


“This is an intensely powerful and accomplished book with great psychological depth, self-awareness and a refined spatial awareness. Many of the poems work with literal and metaphorical white space and treat it as a presence-in-itself which makes for contemplative yet often shocking poems.

A book of making and un-making - it loops through time and place with assurance. A lot of the poems are beautifully worked-over and pared-down. There is a wonderful confidence with form so the poem itself becomes an artistic representation of an idea, as well as just language. There are plenty of references to art but the poems are never derivative. They are utterly authentic and go beyond (my) ideas of ekphrasis into something looser, wilder and more associative. There is a pulse of lived violence that I found quite heart-breaking at times. A wonderful pamphlet. Deserves to be read widely.”

“This pamphlet of poems is as delicate and as carefully put together as the artworks (both real and figurative) the poet describes… ultimately, these poems show how in art, as in life, healing is possible.”