Issue 1

Featured Poets

Katharine Towers
Katrina Naomi
Julie Hogg
Abegail Morley
Isabel Bermudez
John Foggin
Jane Wheeler
Duncan Chambers
Mandy Macdonald
Natalie Shaw
Andy Humphrey


The object you hold in your hands is certainly a journal of poetry. We hope you come to see it as a little more than that. Our vision is to allow art and poetry to embrace each other – to combine the unique nature of a tactile and visual work of art (each copy of the journal is slightly different) with the words we have selected for each issue.

Submissions are read blind by both editors. We aim to have no favouritism, and wherever possible we will try to engage a little with writers of work we cannot accept.

More than anything poetry needs readers. We hope very much that you enjoy holding, reading, and will wish to own a copy of Coast to Coast to Coast, and that you consider submitting your poetry for a future edition.

Small journals such as ours rely on word of mouth and of course we would be delighted if you were to tell other readers and poets, at all stages of their writing lives, about us. Coast to Coast to Coast will be published in limited editions three times a year (see

Michael & Maria Liverpool, August 2017