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Special Aldeburgh Issue

Coast to Coast to Coast – special Aldeburgh issue

Special Aldeburgh Issue

of Coast to Coast to Coast

journal and reading at Poetry in Aldeburgh 2019


Coast to Coast to Coast: Map, line and stitch – Perpetual Dialogue

Would you like to be part of a Special Aldeburgh Issue of the limited edition, hand-stitched journal Coast to Coast to Coast?

There will be a chance to read at a launch at Poetry in Aldeburgh, November 8–10th (date and time to be announced).

Please read the eligibility notes, guidelines, and the prompt below.

Submissions open July 1st till midnight August 4th

All poets will be informed of the outcome of their submission early September and poets selected will be published in a special edition of Coast to Coast to Coast to be launched at Poetry in Aldeburgh November 8th to 10th.




Using as inspiration a favourite poem that links to sea, coast, river or lakes, and/or a line or lines from the section of the Litany.

Spend about an hour at a chosen location, preferably a coast but any sea, river, lakeside location is fine.

Create a poem draft.

Title your poem in the following way:
write the place, date time (i.e. where and when you are writing). 
For instance, I might write: Liverpool, Pier Head 29 July 11.45am 

Select two lines of your draft that seem to be the essence of or important to your draft. Keep these as ‘a couplet’ to submit in addition to your finished poem.

When your poem is complete send both poem and couplet to: mariacoastaldeburgh@gmail.com

More details on the prompt can be downloaded here.

Due to the number of poems featured, this will be a printed-cover journal and each selected poet will receive a copy. A limited issue of the individually created journals with hand-stitched covers will also be available to buy at Aldeburgh during the festival.

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Open to poets who fit one of the following:

  • have been published by Coast to Coast to Coast, or

  • live in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and London, or

  • have attended / been part of Poetry in Aldeburgh during 2016/17/18 or those who will be part of Poetry in Aldeburgh in 2019

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  • One poem and one couplet only to be submitted – please follow details in the prompt

  • Poems must be no longer than 30 lines

  • Poem and couplet must be sent in the body of the email and as an attached doc

  • In the body of email, please also include a Bio of up to 50 words, your full address, a note of your eligibility for the project (e.g. I was involved in Poetry in Aldeburgh in 2018; I live in London)

  • Poems must not have been previously published, and must not be due for publication before November 10th 2019


Final Checklist

Poets hold copyright for all work submitted but the couplet submitted may be used as part of Coast to Coast to Coast’s Map, line, and stitch project mapping the coastline of the UK and Ireland. Couplets selected may be added to ‘The Litany’. All poets involved will be acknowledged if couplets are used.

Please email to mariacoastaldeburgh@gmail.com with subject heading, ‘Special Aldeburgh Issue’:

  • your poem with title as above [place, date, time]

  • the couplet you have selected from your writing

  • the lines you chose from the litany

  • your Bio of up to 50 words

  • your full address

  • a note of your eligibility for the project – as explained above