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Issue 6 – Summer 2019


Featured Poets

John Glenday
Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Richie McCaffery
Andrew Rudd
Pam Thompson
Jane Lovell
Aoife Lyall
Eamon McGuinness
Finola Scott
Susannah Violette
Jane Robinson
Clare Crossman
Ian Harker
Ilse Pedler
Sarah Salway
Cheryl Pearson
Pauline Rowe
Sarah Westcott
Sharon Black
Hannah Stone
Karen Izod
Lee Mackenzie
Natalie Shaw
Becky Cherriman
John Foggin
Jay Whittaker
Caroline Maldonado

Launch of Coast to Coast to Coast’s latest publications

Saturday September 14th (6–8pm)
Launching Summer 2019 Issue of Coast to Coast to Coast; Individual Poet Journals by Isabel Bermudez and Lydia Harris.
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

The extra-large Summer Issue containing poems from the shortlisted poets of the Individual Poet Journal Competition: Mara Adamitz Scrupe, Pam Thompson, Finola Scott, and Susannah Violette; and new work from John Glenday from his Coast to Coast to Coast journal, born of a collaborative project exploring the work of Mira Schendel in poetry, stitch, and art (forthcoming).

This event will feature readings from one of the winners of Coast to Coast to Coast’s second Individual Poet Journal Competition, Isabel Bermudez (with her journal, Madonna Moon). Excerpts will also be read from the second winner’s work, Painting the Stones Back by Lydia Harris. Lydia’s work evokes notes from the island of Westray, Orkney – her home.

There will be music from Nick Branton, refreshments, and a limited number of the featured journals for sale.

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